PCO Licence Cost

How much will becoming a PCO driver cost me?
The fee for your personal PCO licence will cost you £306.00 However there are other costs involved. Your GP will charge you for the required medical examination.

The cost of this does vary but will be somewhere in the region of £60 to £120. The cost of sitting your Topographical Skills Assessment is between £30 and £50.

You then need to decide if you are going to licence your own vehicle.

The fee for a vehicle licence is currently £114.00 and for Fully Comprehensive Hire and Reward Insurance you are going to be paying between £2000 and £3000 per year depending on your age and other factors such as having a clean driving licence and no driving convictions.

Of course you don’t have to PCO your own vehicle, you could hire one that’s already PCO’d and possibly insured as well.

You can hire a car ready to minicab in from around £150 per week.