What is a PCO licence?

A PCO licence is issued for drivers, vehicles and operators to prove that they have passed a series of tests and are complying with the strict regulations required by law.

Each licence is separate. You as a Private hire driver will require a licence. The vehicle you use will also require licensing and so will the company you work for. Without any these licences you and/or the company you are working for would be breaking the law. The PCO carry out regular inspections of operators premises and also random roadside checks of drivers and their vehicles.

New licences can take about 16 weeks, depending on receipt of a clear CRB. We issue renewal applications before the existing licence expires.

Many private hire drivers go on to benefit from the freedom of working for themselves, as a self-employed person, who can choose their own hours and work, at any time of day or night.

In London every licenced private hire driver must be connected to a licenced private hire operator, such as Carrot Cars. In London there are many minicab companies to work for, large and small, cash and account, busy and quiet. The trick is finding one which has a fine balance. Here at ENC, we have a great circuit, with excellent cash to account jobs ratio. Earnings regualrly top £1000 for many of our drivers.